I graduated from Colorado State University in 2001 with a degree in Finance and Real Estate. During college and for several years after graduation I worked for a local general contractor. During that time I saw big builders churning out homes at a record pace. Meanwhile, quality and homeowner needs took a back seat to production and the bottom line. In 2003, in order to provide a different kind of building experience, I decided to start my own custom home company with a focus on two things: quality and personal service. When you work with DJ Design Build you work with me. I personally manage every aspect of the building process. This means that during the building process your homes progress and quality are my only priority. This type of commitment to the individual project allows me to ensure that every part of the build is done correctly and with the highest level of craftsmanship. Here are just a few of the qualities that I feel make us the best choice for your custom home:

  • Unsurpassed Quality

Most builders seem to think that there are two ways of doing things: the right way and the cheap way. My experience has been that the two are not always mutually exclusive. Too often production builders don't have the time or interest to find the best deals or look for alternatives that would lower costs while keeping quality high. My commitment to personal service means that not only do I have the time but I feel it is my responsibility to build the highest quality home for the best price possible.

  • Personalized Service

I know that different people have different needs, styles and experience levels. So whether it's your first time building or your tenth I will be there at every step of the way to help make sure that your vision is realized. From design to cost estimating and planning to the building process itself I take care to ensure that all aspects of the home building process are done thoroughly and managed daily to ensure the home is kept within time, budget and quality constraints.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

Over the years I have worked with many out of state clients building a home in the Northern Colorado Area. Through those projects I have developed a large slate of technology solutions to ensure that you have total access to the building process. This includes the use of remote video chat and application sharing to have design meetings from anywhere in the world as well as a personalized online project page specific to your home and available only to you with a calendar of current operations, budgets, pictures of the project and much more.

  • Budgeting & Planning

Due to my financial background I am uniquely situated to understand and deal with the complexities of budgeting and controlling costs for a custom home. My commitment to personalized service affords me the time and ability to keep complete control over budgets and schedules. I provide constant updates to homeowners on budgets and costs and the schedule is updated daily and available through the project page so that you always know where your home is in terms of both cost and schedule.

  • Transparency & Flat Rate Pricing

I believe that full disclosure and complete transparency is essential to the relationship between builder and homeowner. Too often I hear from homeowners about builders who marked up fixtures or cut corners to lower costs. DJ Design Build charges a flat management fee for the building of your home. The amount of that fee is based on the size and estimated cost of the home and once the contract is signed the fee never changes. From that point forward all invoices and costs from subcontractors or vendors are passed directly to you without any markup so you see exactly who you are paying, how much you are paying and what you are paying for. No surprises, no mystery, no hidden costs, just straight forward home building.

I love to build homes and I am passionate about my job. To me each home is a piece of art, a unique structure that I have created for you. My goal is not only to build you an amazing home but to exceed your every expectation in the process. I believe that this unique outlook on the building process sets DJ Design Build apart in the building industry and offers our clients a building experience that far surpasses anything else. At the end of the project I want you to feel that DJ Design Build has truly built your dream.

I hope that you will take some time to look around at what DJ Design Build has to offer. If you have questions or would like to set up a consultation please call us at (970) 587-3810 or e-mail me at: info@djdesignbuild.com

Thank you,

David Larkins
DJ Design Build